lørdag den 27. august 2011

when the wind blows

Jumpsuit Gestuz - Shoes Bianco - Sunglasses RayBan

I wore my favorite jumpsuit for my fathers birthday yesterday. The weather was perfect, but very very muggy. So I thought this was perfect and airy. Litteraly, the wind blows straight through it :) 
We had a lovely day - went to the movies (watching Dirch), got a drink on the terrace and ate a yummi dinner. Mmmmmh, I can still taste the creamy chocolate mousse. Yum. Yum. Yum.

And I have to tell you - I went to a great party last night. Picnicparty in the park. It was so cool. And of course it was great to get to say goodbye to my friends, before leaving for the South. (Countdown: 4 days) And you know - music, friends and good beer is always a winner. 

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  1. Great pictures... very nice... check me out


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