torsdag den 17. november 2011

My Machu Picchu

I just came home from a day at work. The bakery is totally busy at these times. People. Go. Crasy. But it's fun anyway!
Now I find myself looking at the pictures from my wonderful trip to Peru. So here you go.... Pictures from Machu Picchu. The most beautiful nature I have ever seen. Do yourself the favor and visit this wonder. 

Anne and I had a great day there. We spent several hours just walking around. We stopped every 2 minute to look at the view. Then we got to the top and had some water and candy (at some point you seriously need sugar when it's 30 degress and you are walking around in the mountains). We took about 200 photos. I got sunburned. We ate a great lunch. Took the bus back to Aguas Calientes. Shopped on the giant market. Drove by train to Ollantaytambo where our hotel was. At 8 o'clock we were both asleep - satisfied and tired. Great day!

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