mandag den 21. november 2011

the little colors in life

I went for a looong walk with my dog earlier today, and I was actually surpriced how boring the nature looks these times. Why does all the colors go away? I'm looking so much forward to the snow to arrive. The nature will glow and be much brighter. Who knows, maybe it will begin to snow on the 1st of december?! :) Which is soon! Can't wait for all the nice christmas-things. I always love december, it's so cosy. Anyway, I found some colored leafs and little flowers to shoot pictures of. I guess it's not all gone. 
Well, just wanted to check in and say hello.. Promise some great outfit posts later this week :) 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sikke en fin blog, jeg følger dig nu og håber du vil gøre det samme på min blog :-)

  2. tusind tak :) jeg kigger forbi !



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