tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

today is my birthday!

Shirt TopShop - Jeans DrDenim - Shoes Bianco

I'm turning 19 years old today :) It is a great day. Earlier I had a delicious breakfast with birthday songs and presents (I will show you later) and I'm just having a lovely time with my family. Tonight my big sister are coming for birthday-sushi. Love birthdays (and sushi), it is so nice.
The pictures are from yesterday, where my friend, Monika, and I went for a walk in the most beautiful forest. The sun was shining trough the leafs and made cosy shades on the ground. Perfect light to shoot some pictures! Anyway, I'm having a great summer with my friends and family just enjoying the weather and the vacation.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Stort tillykke med dagen :) Håber den bliver super :)
    Kig forbi?

  2. tusind tak :) den er fantastisk !! selvfølgelig, og tak fordi du kiggede forbi :)

  3. Kæmpe stort tillykke med dagen i går, det lyder som om det var en god dag i selskab med skønne mennesker (:

    - Mie

  4. tusind tak. det var det ihvertfald. super god dag !! :)

  5. nøj, hvor er det bare en super dejlig t-shirt! og tillykke med dagen!

    knus, Marie My fra

  6. omg i want this top!! beautiful!! it is a new collection?

  7. thank you! thought i would glitter myself a bit. it is 2 years old, but i am sure you can find someting likely in topshop this season! :)


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