lørdag den 20. august 2011

J to the U to the M to the P

Jeans Vero Moda - Shoes Shoe Biz - Jacket Second Female - Shirt Lolly's Laundry - Sunglasses RayBan

I have this amazing feeling today. I'm so happy and feel complete. Maybe it's because I went to my favorite shop today and tried on clothes for an hour (or two?). So lovely to see all the AW items on the shelves. Actually I was just stupid to visit Queen, as it is SO PAINFUL!!! I can't buy anything... But it is for a good cause. My wonderful vacation is coming up (count down: 12 days) and I would rather have an unforgettable trip, than buy a beautiful black David Andersen lether jacket with the most brilliant details (trying to convince myself.. you know how it is!).

Now - I have a date.. Dinner and a movie. Talk to you tomorrow where I promise some outstanding pictures shot by this girl.  

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