lørdag den 13. august 2011

do it for yourself sometimes...

Jeans DrDenim - Shirt Jan Magenhauer - Shoes Bianco - Earrings Lorris Azzaro

"I gotta find me another way, cause I don't wanna stay another day, time for a change in my life. I've opened my eyes, I'm changing my life. And now, I'm gonna live my life for me, cause this aint how it is supposed to be. No more standing in the back of the line - cause I'm invisible for the last time."

I just found a song which describes my feelings fully. It is strange how you can identify yourself with some words in a random song and suddently feel stronger. Have you ever tried that? I'm sure you have. At some point. Well, I could go on and on about all that love-feelings, but instead I just wanna live my day. So how have your day been guys? I have worked in the bakery all day, and as I was off it started raining (again)... Excuse me, but where did the summer go? Hopefully to South America (where I'm off to in just 18 days)!! 

The pictures were taken yesterday in my garden, as the sky was absolutely beautiful. The light was so amazing and I think Helena catched it just perfect. 

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  1. I'm not sure what I'm more in love with, that sheer top or those shoes! xo

  2. haha, thank you katie! You are so sweet. :)

  3. Nice saldals!!

    xx Alexandra


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