mandag den 25. juli 2011

spot the girl in yellow

Raincoat Peter Jensen

Last week I went to Copenhagen with my best friend, Luisa. We colored the city with laughs, conversations and more laughs, on our sightseeing tour, experiencing beautiful Copenhagen. Couldn't stop thinking about Tina Dicow and her song about bright Copenhagen. Love the feeling of being in the city - awake night and day. Of course we did some shopping, and I fell in love in Wood Wood in Krystalgade. This yellow raincoat was staring right at me, and I had to try it on - knowing the price was way out of my budget - and it was just perfect! And as if it was faith, the jacket was on sale!!! 60% off and it was mine. So thank you faith, now I'm spotted in yellow.

8 kommentarer:

  1. sounds like pretty much fun in copenhagen!

    like your coat...

    kisses juli

  2. it was!! :) thank you.


  3. I loved Copenhagen when I went :)

  4. wow that jacket is so amazing on you, perfect color to brighten up the day! I am your newest follower, love your blog. Come visit mine, i'm giving away free jewelry! :)

  5. This jacket is amazing - I adore the color and on a rain day, it really brightens the mood! :)

  6. thank you! i agree, it really brighten up the day :)

  7. That coat def stands out. Lovely! :)


  8. thats what I like about it :) thanks!



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