søndag den 26. juni 2011


Shoes ShoeBiz - dress from spain - Jacket Second Female - Bracelets vintage

This is what I wore on thursday, when I was at graduation on my school. I got my diploma and it was such a great night! The dress I'm wearing has such a cute story, as my best friend Helena and I both went on vacation to spain last year (not together, but with our families). On the vacation we both did some shopping and ended up trying the same dress in the same store (without knowing that we both were there, trying the same dress). I didn't buy it after all, but as I returned home to Denmark and met Helena, she had bought it. It was so wierd!!! But thank god she bought it, cause I have borrowed it a thousand of times since. :)

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  1. Congrats with your diploma and you look fab x

  2. Wow !! Congrats... you have a new follower :)


  3. thanks to you all. i am so happy :) and thank you AMINTA for following, i appreciate it!


  4. Congrats!! :) Love the dress and the heels!



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