tirsdag den 14. juni 2011

blue wave


Sandals Vintage from Spain - Leggins Designers Remix Collection - Tee Escada - Bracelet Vintage 

Went for a walk with my best friend, Helena, who also took my pictures. I love the fact, that the weather is chilly and you only need a cardigan in the night (planning on getting a fab tan this year, you know...). Had a relaxing day at home preparing for my german exam on friday and watching some Beverly (I'm addicted). I wore my vintage tee (from my grandmother, lovely lady to give me clothes!), a lot of accesories and my absolute favorite bohemian sandals (with yellow toes popping out), which I think worked out pretty well and relaxing. Hope you had a nice day!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Love the blue top. Such a nice color. And the shoes re so cute!!


  2. thanks beatrice :) it is so nice to wear summer colors and sandals !!


  3. love your blog its so nice and lovely !

    do you wanne follow us ? than we can follwo you back


  4. thank you girl :) of course i will .


I appreciate every lovely comment, thank you!

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